The Beuaty of Typso

There is something magical about typos.  Its different than misspelling sometjing, thouh the use od the word “typo” often involves misspelling.  Its actually more about intending something to say something in a certajn way, and in the process of saying it you stumble upon one of infinitely many ways foe your fingers to hit a sequence of buttons.  That sequence might not be The way tjat you wanted but, in the texting or typing frenzy that axcompanied your desire to mindspew or share thjoughts woth someone that was The way it happened.

Have you ever thought about the 0.0001% (or inifinitesimally smaller) thibgs we know about or think are “correct,” and the other vast ocean of chaos and unknowingness that is the other 99.9999% (or infinitely closer to 100%)?  And we put a label on tjat very small spit of sand to be worthy of attwntion.  Maybe that’s why wr assign so much value to precision and perfection.  There’s safety in clinging onto the tininess of our world and our standards of evaluating it.


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