THANK YOU all so much for following Strange, Not Stranger so far! Yesterday the page hit 100 likes and I thought, “Woah–I run this thing that at least a hundred people have publicly and openly said they liked. What!”

Roughly a month has passed since I started this side project. I’ve learned so much from walking up to over thirty random people and trying my hardest to connect with them. I’ve learned that rejection doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to connect with me. I’ve learned that people aren’t jerks and that they actually want to connect with you, too. I’ve learned how to not be embarrassed or hesitant in telling people that I do this thing called Strange, Not Stranger, and that I want them to join me in some human-to-human interaction.

Most of all, like with any project, I’ve learned–and am still learning–how to not jump ship when things get hard. Seriously, there have been times when I get out of bed and I wanted to stop doing SNS. It takes energy to emerge from the crowd and try to befriend a fellow human being. It takes energy to tell people about SNS and invite others to this tiny hub of inspiration.

Yet SNS has transformed me in such a way that, if I were to stop interviewing people, I would feel pretty weird. I’ve already gone out of my way to establish that connection with people; I can’t go back.

Whenever I see commenters replying to one another, I can’t help but feel I’ve done something, like, worthwhile. In those cases, not only have I connected with others, but others have connected with one another. Once again, thank you all for making SNS part of your daily lives.


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