I’m studying set theory and logic. I also like studying biology, writing, reading…” “What makes you really excited right now?” Michael says some really long name I can’t decipher. “What’s that?” “It’s a fungus.” “Oh. Why are you interested in that particular fungus?” After a pause, “It tastes good.” Advertisements

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“I’m a professor of French Literature at Cal State Long Beach. I fell in love with French when I first heard it; it was just so beautiful! Even if I didn’t understand any of it, hahaha. I wanted to sound like that. I come from the typical Indian family full of doctors and engineers. Funnily, […]

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“As an engineering major, most of my friends are in engineering. It’s hard to make friends outside your major. Sometimes my other friends are out having fun and partying, but I’ve got to study. It’s a struggle that comes with being a STEM major. I still call my roommates ‘friends’, but most of them joined […]

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“I’m pretty scatter minded with the things I talk about, and she’s like a sponge. She’s being perceptive to everything. There’s not too many people I speak to, because I’m kind of an awkward dude. I came from San Diego, and we’re both from the same high school, and so I haven’t really gone out […]

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“If I could go back, I would tell myself to be nicer to my little sister when I was younger. I was always pretty hard on her as a kid. I thought I could make her better. I think she felt she had to live up to me and compete with me when we were […]

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The song “Hotel California” was playing in the bus. The girl in front of me, Jenny, started tapping her fingers to the song’s famous guitar solo. “Do you play guitar?” “Oh, no…” Then, “My mom actually dated the guitarist for this band. Like, the bass guitarist. They broke up because he wanted to go into […]

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While I was walking to my student’s house, a guy was playing a guitar behind me. “When I write a song, I don’t sit down and think about it. It just happens. A collection of voices gathered from my experiences in life creates the music.”

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