“I’m unemployed right now. I actually loved the job that I quit a couple months ago; I was a concierge that got to know the residents of an apartment and people asked me to walk their dogs or tutor English. But it didn’t pay well enough, and I don’t just want to be a concierge […]

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“I’m a Chemistry graduate student.” “What do you hope to do with your research? And I mean this in a… you know… non-interviewer-ish way.” “I hope to make a dent–I hope to be known as the guy who found out even this tiny piece of information, even if it’s in a tiny niche. Just to […]

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“I’ve been trying to get better at drawing. I’m not that good, though. I’ve taken only one art class.” “What’s a piece of art that you’ve been most proud to show?”

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“I’m a PSB major, and I’m planning to be a high school counselor. I actually entered UCI wanting to be a pharmacist (laugh).” “Do you regret all the time you spent time and money taking unnecessary classes?” “Well… there’s both pros and cons to it, I mean, at least you learn that it wasn’t for […]

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“I love playing the drums! Lately I’ve been carrying sticks in my pocket, and… err… I do this thing called ‘Disco K’.” Suddenly Kelvin starts shielding his face with his hands and laughs. “You know how in the park there’s outlets? Well, late at night I go to the park with some speakers and play […]

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THANK YOU all so much for following Strange, Not Stranger so far! Yesterday the page hit 100 likes and I thought, “Woah–I run this thing that at least a hundred people have publicly and openly said they liked. What!” Roughly a month has passed since I started this side project. I’ve learned so much from […]

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I’m studying set theory and logic. I also like studying biology, writing, reading…” “What makes you really excited right now?” Michael says some really long name I can’t decipher. “What’s that?” “It’s a fungus.” “Oh. Why are you interested in that particular fungus?” After a pause, “It tastes good.”

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“I’m a professor of French Literature at Cal State Long Beach. I fell in love with French when I first heard it; it was just so beautiful! Even if I didn’t understand any of it, hahaha. I wanted to sound like that. I come from the typical Indian family full of doctors and engineers. Funnily, […]

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“As an engineering major, most of my friends are in engineering. It’s hard to make friends outside your major. Sometimes my other friends are out having fun and partying, but I’ve got to study. It’s a struggle that comes with being a STEM major. I still call my roommates ‘friends’, but most of them joined […]

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